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House Shifting During COVID 19

In such difficult circumstances like coronavirus (covid 19) has put stop to the normal routines of shifting home, flat or villa moving in the Sharjah, Dubai and other emirates. In the article will help you to understand the key points and some of the tips need to be follow and ensure while moving homes in Sharjah during the situation.

And these steps are precautionary and ensure that all necessary steps are followed to be as safe as possible. And visit the website of World Health Organization (WHO) to updates about the safety measures.

What is Social Distancing?

Social distancing, also referred to as “physical distancing,” is one of the best defenses that we have against the spread of COVID-19. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines proper social distancing measures as requiring that you:

Stay six feet away from other people, aside from those who you live with

Do not gather in groups
Avoid mass gatherings and crowded areas
Limiting close contact with those outside of your immediate household mitigates the risk of coming into contact with COVID-19 droplets.

Should I Move During COVID-19?

Sometimes a shifting is unavoidable. However, if you have any flexibility in your moving date, you are better off waiting to relocate until social distancing measures have been lifted. If you do not have flexibility, the next best thing that you can do is to work closely with your moving provider to learn what they are doing—and what you should do—to ensure the safest move possible.

Before moving into new place, to ensure the new new place is not in a containment zone. The containment zone will be an issue while moving and also health risk too. And find the density of cases in the new places and ensure before moving.

Is to necessity to visit home to provide a moving quote ?

No, Moving companies in Sharjah are offering moving quotes through virtual survey and Movers Emirates Adz provides six free quotes from packers and movers Sharjah with a price estimate and special offers for your move.

How to cancel the move during COVID 19 situation ?

You can direct contact the moving companies and inform the situation about the existing and new place. And moving companies may offer new or flexible date for the moving.

House shifting in Sharjah during Covid 19 ?

House Shifting in Sharjah, Moving Companies are following pandemic protocols to protect their employees and their customers too.

Guidelines for social distancing
Virtual survey
Frequently sanitising trucks and equipments.
Wearing masks and gloves
& more…

house shifting in Sharjah during covid 19
Pack and unpack on your own

Try packing your belongings on your own as mark as the moving checklist. Avoid having others, as it is not the safest. Try to do your things individually and not involve many others. Even once you reach the other place, unpack your items yourself. This will avoid any possible contamination and ensure everything is hygienic and safe.

Disinfect your new home before unpacking

Spray and sanitise the house before setting up the furniture and other decor items. Hiring professional cleaners in Sharjah to help you with the move-in cleaning tasks is also an excellent time-saving and an efficient sanitisation option. Carefully dispose of all the packing materials in an isolated area to avoid any human contact. It is essential to discard the cardboard boxes and plastics safely. If possible, leave them on the terrace/balcony or in the open space untouched for three days or as per the CDC before dumping or assembling.

Another very important thing to remember wearing masks, gloves, sanitizing, and washing your hands frequently. Have a wash after you move. Immediately change your clothes, and wash them after coming from outside, disinfect your footwear too. Don’t forget to clean your mobile screen and any other gadget along with you.

Please stay safe during your move. We will be updating the site with new moving regulations or changes to the industry as they happen, so check back if you have additional questions about our expert in moving.

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